Soothe + Calm Meditations Pack

🎧 Our Soothe & Calm Meditation Pack, designed to settle the nervous system & provide messages of safety 🌿

🔒 Get lifetime access to 10 full-length, high-quality audio downloads from 5-15 minutes length. Enjoy calming practices whenever you need them.

🌟 Includes various tools to promote a sense of safety in the body & mind, including grounding, orienting, deep rest, self compassion meditations and an SOS track to use in times of struggle.

💫 Soothing sounds & gentle guidance to help you cultivate mindfulness, reduce fear and build a healthier relationship with bodily sensations.

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Somatic Tracking Meditations: Reduce Fear, Take Back Control 🌿

Developed by Dr. Alan Gordon, somatic tracking is a powerful mindfulness-based approach to addressing chronic pain that focuses on reconnecting with the body. Unlike traditional methods that merely mask symptoms, somatic tracking addresses the root cause of various chronic pain symptoms by promoting awareness of bodily sensations and emotions.

With our Somatic Tracking Meditation Pack, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive collection of guided sessions designed to help you harness the power of somatic tracking in your own life. Each audio download is crafted with care, offering gentle guidance and soothing sounds to support your journey towards holistic wellness.

But what exactly is somatic tracking? It’s about tuning into the subtle signals your body sends you, recognising tension, discomfort, or pain, and learning how to sit with those sensation with a sense of curiosity or indifference. This bold act signals to the nervous system that these sensations are in fact safe, which over time can turn down the volume of symptoms.

With lifetime access to our pack, you can explore 10 full-length meditation tracks, each tailored to address specific needs and durations. Whether you’re currently dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, or digestive symptoms, there’s a session for you.

Somatic tracking has been an essential tool in my own journey to becoming pain-free and reclaiming control of my well-being, and I hope it can do similar things for you. 🌟

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